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Hospitals are settings that we typically employ short-term contracts with. Many therapists prefer a hospital setting because of its centralized location and higher pay rate. Some hospitals do offer long-term, stable contracts for those who are less willing to travel. We will make every effort to meet and exceed your needs as a therapist, or as an institution.

Schools offer great benefits, long-term (usually nine-month) contracts, and flexible hours. Many therapists who have children of their own prefer school environments to stay involved with their children’s education and have summers off with their families. Many school districts employ therapists district-wide, so a single employee may cover up to ten or twelve campuses.

Out-Patient clinics offer a convenient alternative to the hospitals. With very flexible hours and a high demand for therapists, it’s not uncommon to find short-term work turning into long-term careers.

Early Childhood Intervention therapists find themselves in a child’s home environment, using a natural setting to perform therapy. ECI therapists have the ability to incorporate parent education into their sessions and directly influence the overall well-being of the children they see.

Clinics allow therapists to see several clients in a very short amount of time. With supervisor support in the same building at any given time, clinics are great for therapists who seek long- and short-term contracts.